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The restoration of Castello Monticelli was started on June 1st 1999. It lasted 14 years. Before the restoration the listed building was a ruin where for decades it had been impossible to live, except in two apartments in the West Wing of the Torre Grande. In them one could live only until 1996. The roofs of all the buildings and their pavements were all about to collapse and it was very dangerous to go inside them, except in those two apartments. In most of the property there was no running water, no electricity, no gas, no heating and no bathrooms. Before restoration started there were 240 iron bars holding the roofs and the pavements.

Before the restoration Castello Monticelli had a great charm and was very fascinating to see, despite the fact that it was a ruin or maybe just because of that. It had the same fascination that very antique buildings often have when they are about to disappear forever from the face of the earth and when they remind of the inexorable passage of time. Its charm was therefore very different from the one it has today. The photos below do not reflect well what stated above. They are digital photos taken from the family albums.

A short description of the restoration (pdf)

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