ROMA 172Km

It would be useless to write here about Rome given the wealth of information which exists both on paper and in the Internet. We limit ourselves to recommend below a  video of only 10 minutes made by It gives some useful information about Rome. It suffices  here to mention that Rome is by car at about 2 hrs and 20 minutes distance from Castello Monticelli (160 km) and by train at about 100 minutes from the station of Chiusi-Chianciano. This station is on the railway line Rome-Florence and trough it trains pass daily. By car the station of Chiusi is about half an hour distance from Castello Monticelli (35 km). Many of our guests visit Rome from morning to evening or spend from 1 to 3 nights there at the beginning or at the end of their stay at Monticelli. Depending on your desires our reception can suggest the right hotel for you.


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