It is unthinkable to visit and even just to mention Assisi without reference to its  patron, Saint Francis, to whom the city owes its universal fame. It attracts millions of believers every year. Saint Francis is also the patron of Italy, not only of Assisi, and the pope in office at the time of writing (January 2016) chose his name even though he is not a Franciscan but a Jesuit. Assisi has many sacred sites and superb monuments. As a mystic and superbly spiritual city, it is the truly religious capital of Italy.


Its main monument is the Basilica di San Francesco, an really majestic emblem of the Christian faith. From it one enjoys a breathtaking view since it dominates the whole valley underneath. From the artistic and architectural point of view the Basilica and the Convent are among the most important monuments of Italy, with works of art of famous painters like  Cimabue and Giotto.
The treasures of Assisi and the view one enjoys from it are so unique that UNESCO has included it among the WORLD HEITAGE.


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