Bevagna is a lovely, laid-back and very antique small town, just a few km away from Foligno and about 35 from Castello Monticelli. It has several monuments from the Roman and Medieval times: the Roman Thermal Baths decorated with very beautiful mosaics, a Roman amphitheatre, the splendid Piazza Silvestri with the gothic Palazzo dei Consoli and the beautiful churches of San Silvestro and San Michele and  San Domenico.

Bevagna is also well-known for its summer festival called “Il mercato delle Gaite”. In the centre of town the antique medieval shops of artisans and the medieval market are recreated. All the artisans and the salesman and saleswomen are dressed in the old fashioned way. A thorough study was made by historians to organize this fair. The historical reconstruction makes use of all the most suggestive corners of the antique hamlet and it brings back to life very many medieval crafts. It is shown how the production of pergamene paper, glass, wax, textiles, vases, terracotta tiles was made and how the iron smiths and many other artisans were working. Also an archery competition is taking place at this fair which takes place in month of June, when the evenings are warm and the sun sets late and when the colours and the perfumes of the summer and the atmosphere one breathes fully brings back to life the flavour of long bygone times.


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