Panicale is a charming, medieval little town, just 14 km from Castello Monticelli, overlooking the Lake Trasimeno.

For such a small town Panicale has some remarkable art from the artist Masolino da Panicale, Perugino and Raffaello.

The largest church, San Michele, contains ‘The Annunciation of the Virgin’, a fresco made by the famous Renaissance painter Tommaso Fini, also known as Masolino da Panicale (1383 – 1447).  When it comes to art, however, Panicale’s pride is Pietro Vannucci, known as Il Perugino (1446 – 1524). His famous fresco of San Sebastiano is visible a the little church just ouside the city walls. In the same church there is a fresco by Raffaello.

The theatre (Teatro Caporali) was originally built in 1690 by some of the area’s most prosperous families.

On the main square is located a beautiful 15th century fountain and one can find there nice bars and restaurants.

Our secret Tip is to visit Panicale in the evening, to have an aperitive on the main square and to enjoy the beautiful sunset on lake Trasimeno, then to have a dinner at Lilo Tatini’s Osteria!